Unlocking Apprentice Salary Insights with Cendex

Unlocking Apprentice Salary Insights with Cendex

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Our compelling insights from our recent analysis of the Cendex database, providing a unique perspective on the diverse landscape of apprentice salaries across industries.

Why Apprentice Salaries Matter:

In today’s competitive labour market, apprenticeships stand out as a vital tool for employers committed to cultivating a skilled workforce. Our in-depth analysis underscores the significance of in-work training and off-the-job learning, offering apprentices invaluable experiences that lead to a work-based qualification.

Age and Salary Dynamics:

Discover how age plays a pivotal role in shaping apprentice salary levels. From tailored in-work training programs to collaborations with third-party training providers, our analysis captures the nuanced approaches employers take in structuring apprentice development. Notably, employers with a paybill exceeding £3 million contribute to the widespread impact of apprenticeships by paying the apprenticeship levy.

Beyond the Minimum Wage:

While the national minimum wage for apprentices is £5.28 per hour, our Cendex® findings illuminate a broader landscape. Many organisations surpass this statutory rate, and across all apprentices in our dataset, the median hourly rate stands impressively at £10.42 – aligning with the national living wage rate from April 2023.

Key Findings:

  • Median hourly rate for all apprentices: £10.42
  • Median rate for apprentices under 18: £7.20
  • Median rate for apprentices over 23: £11.03

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