Salary trends in the retail sector – an overview

Salary trends in the retail sector – an overview

Author: Sheila Attwood

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Elevate your understanding of retail compensation with Cendex comprehensive analysis. Delve into key insights that paint a vivid picture of salary trends in the retail sector:

  • Emerging Growth Patterns: Our examination of the Cendex database uncovers a notable trend: significant salary growth in lower-paid roles within the retail sector.
  • Sector-wide Analysis: With data encompassing over 500,000 UK employees from 42 retail organisations, our analysis offers a panoramic view of the retail compensation landscape.
  • Competitive Challenges: Discover how retail salaries compare nationally, showcasing a disparity of up to one-third compared to other industries.
  • Gender Pay Dynamics: Unearth striking differences in gender pay, with notable gaps appearing at both the entry and executive job levels.

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