Designing a reward offering that is fit for the future

Designing a reward offering that is fit for the future

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In a year where pay settlements reached their highest point in over three decades, organisations must maintain their strategic edge in the field of compensation. As we step into 2024, success hinges on well-informed decisions that position you ahead of the curve.

At the core of these choices lies a pivotal factor – the Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Your EVP encompasses the entirety of what you, as an employer, offer your employees. It extends far beyond paychecks and focuses more on reward to embrace the full experience of being a part of your organisation.

As you craft your strategies for 2024, understanding and elevating your EVP stands as a critical component in the attraction and retention of top talent. Download our guide and gain for valuable insights and strategies to transform your EVP into a true differentiator in the competitive landscape of talent acquisition and retention.

Factors that were reported to likely have an upward impact on the next pay settlement included:


  • Adapting to Changing Needs: Embrace work-life integration and offer flexibility in work hours and time-off.
  • Flexible Time Management: Adjust time-off policies to enhance flexibility and support employee well-being.

Financial Rewards:

  • Bonuses and Recognition: Use bonuses, share plans, and recognition programs to strengthen your EVP.


  • Prioritise Employee Wellbeing: Adapt well-being programs to address employee challenges by implement proactive strategies like mental health support and self-care tools.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shape your organisations future. Get started today and transform your EVP into a magnet for top talent.

Download the Fit For Future EVP Guide today.

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