• Introducing your intuitive self-serve Pay Grading solution

    Introducing your intuitive self-serve Pay Grading solution

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    An intelligent and intuitive self-serve tool designed to help you create and optimise your pay structures with ease. Supported by trusted market data so you can be confident you’re making informed decisions about reward and offering competitive pay to your employees.

Adding value with Cendex Pay Grading

  • align to the latest market rates

    Align to the latest market rewards data

    Access data from over 1.5 million UK employees across 26 different function groups, so you can make informed decisions about rewards and benefits.

  • Ease and flexibility

    Ease and flexibility

    Design and optimise your pay structures to reach your organisation’s objectives and reward strategy.

  • In tool analysis

    In-tool analysis

    Use data to make informed reward decisions and support your employee career advancement by modelling the impact of your proposed structures.

  • Unlimited update

    Unlimited updates

    Model updates at a click, so your pay structures evolve with your organisation. Make fair, data-driven decisions about reward, so you can have the peace of mind that they are placed within the relevant structures.

  • automated job matching

    Automated job matching

    Save time with high-quality data, easy-to-use automated job matching tools and expert insights to help you match your employees to grades – all in a single trusted platform.

  • best in class customer support

    Best in-class customer support

    Make decisions with confidence with support from our team who are on hand to get you up to speed with job levelling and data integration throughout your pay grading journey.

  • e-book

    Read the E-book

    Pay and grading structures: the 12 steps for implementing a new framework

    Learn the key steps to success, from preparation of a project team, costs and expectations, through to analysing jobs, setting pay ranges and assimilating employees to the new structure.

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