Why partner with Cendex?

We work with our partners to improve their members’ reward and employment models, using unique data intelligence to deliver lasting value to their organisations.

Why partner with Cendex?
Why partner with Cendex?

Benchmarking salaries through a comprehensive salary survey is essential to being able to offer the right remuneration for every role.

Alden Arnold, AEV Project Manager

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    Cendex is a live reward data platform that provides employers with the high-quality data and insight they need to recruit, retain and motivate employees with absolute confidence.

Great things happen when you partner with Cendex

  • Attract members

    Win and retain members with our unique data and insights into reward packages. Give your members the information they need to make effective decisions.

  • Boost your brand

    Support the need for better reward data and analytics in the industry to make sure rewards systems are internally fair and externally competitive.

  • Increase lobbying power

    Enhance your lobbying power with unique reward data and insight about the industries your members work in.

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Together we can give your members the much-needed insight to remain competitive at beneficial rates, using our innovation and data intelligence.