Unlocking the challenges of salary benchmarking

Join CIPD Cumbria and XpertHR’s exclusive salary survey to unlock valuable insights into benchmarking salaries across Cumbria

Thank you for your interest in the CIPD and XpertHR Cendex’s salary survey of Cumbria based roles.

Recognising the need for accurate market information, CIPD Cumbria Branch and XpertHR have joined forces to generate a reliable and comprehensive dataset. This valuable resource will empower organisations to understand the market dynamics, allocate budgets effectively and secure top talent whilst aligning with their business needs.

You can take part in the survey by filling in the form to register. You will then receive details of how to securely and confidentially submit your pay details.

Once the survey is complete, you will receive a priority copy of the report, which will provide a top-level analysis of critical roles across the region, giving much needed robust benchmarking data to support fair and transparent decisions around pay.

    Terms and Conditions
  1. Terms. This Form is subject to the Data Services Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) found at https://risk.lexisnexis.com/group/dataservicesterms. Parts A (Core Terms), B (Data Terms), and E (Contributory Database Terms) apply to this Order Form. XpertHR may refuse any order. Defined terms used in this Form have the meanings given to them in the Terms. In the event of a conflict between this Form and the Terms, this Form shall prevail. References in the Terms to “RSG” are references to the XpertHR.
  2. Membership. The parties acknowledge that Customer is contributing data to Cendex as a member of the CIPD. Customer acknowledges that provision of one HR analytical report and access to 2 XpertHR webinars per year is conditional upon at least one member of the CIPD is contributing data to Cendex. Customer will not receive a subscription to XpertHR’s Cendex product unless agreed in a separate order form signed by the parties.
  3. Annual contribution. The parties agree that Customer will contribute data on an annual basis.  This Form will automatically renew for a period of twelve (12) months. Either party may terminate the Form by giving written notice not less than thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the initial term or the then-current renewal term.
  4. Data Contribution. Customer will submit Contributed Data for all job posts in Customer’s organization unless otherwise agreed in writing between Customer and XpertHR. Customer agrees to exclude from Contributed Data all names and all other personal data or personally identifiable information unless XpertHR expressly agrees to process such data on Customer’s behalf.

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