An easy way to make decisions on pay

Cendex® gives you real-time information and insights about pay trends so you can build your best reward package – to attract and keep the best talent.

An easy way to make decisions on pay
  • Pay Grading

    Pay Grading

    Powered by Cendex®

    Develop fit-for-purpose EVP, reward strategies and reward programmes that help attract, retain, engage and motivate your employees with data-driven solutions to meet the need of a changing workforce.

  • Recruit, retain and motivate

    Recruit, retain and motivate

    Get the latest, most accurate data about what’s happening in the market, so you know you’re offering the most competitive reward package. Compare key reward data easily when you need it, to recruit, retain and motivate talent with absolute confidence.

  • Monthly pay data and salaries survey

    Monthly pay data and salaries survey

    Access our data and intuitive workflow tools on one single trusted platform as you need them. With the most robust data set in the UK – over 1.5 million UK employees across 26 different function groups – you can be confident it’s the most accurate reflection of the market.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Get fast, accurate tools and support whenever you need them. Our reward specialists and account managers are on hand to help with grading translations and job matching, so you’re set up and ready to go in a moment.

About Cendex®

Transform how you reward people using the most up-to-date data intelligence about all role types, using data across over 1.5 million UK employees.

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